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Why Emmaus?

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We believe that while information can be accessed anywhere, formation is intended to be an embodied experience, gathered together at the table. We value the importance of theological education set in a community of students and scholars working towards spiritual development and academic competence. Emmaus’ learning model elevates local and contextual learning through in-person classes, remote hubs, and Communio Intensives. For those unable to attend in person, Emmaus strives to facilitate local hubs where 3 or more students attending the same course are able to join the live lecture remotely via video conference while still being in the room together. Communio Intensives happen once per semester and are built around the gathering of God’s people to eat, worship, and learn together, integrated with both relevant course studies and wider ministry.

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We believe that the best theological education happens in partnership with and for the mission of the Local Church. For this reason, all students are required to be members in good standing of a local church where they are able to use their gifts and capacities to serve the body of Christ. Further, all faculty are required to have ministry experience, to know personally how and why theology works in the church. This is because we use a Christocentric lens through which we view hermeneutics, theology, cooperation, and cultural engagement. This necessarily includes a great breadth of students, churches, and traditions—those which value and have the means to provide for that education and others that need a training that is as accessible and affordable as it is relevant to their unique cultural context. Emmaus seeks to hold this tension by coming alongside the church as it calls and commissions the work of ministry. Emmaus is not the church. She is a bridesmaid seeking to serve the bride of Christ.

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We believe that theological inquiry is rooted in the authority and sufficiency of Scripture with Christ as its subject for the good of God’s people and His glory. In addition to our Statement of Faith, Emmaus holds an intentionally broad pedagogy wherein students are not expected to simply regurgitate the positions of faculty but to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the range of orthodox positions found across various traditions of the global and historic church. Our faculty are committed to a posture of catholicity and graciousness. This posture is not the erasure of conviction or the allowance of heresy, but rather holding firmly the essentials of the faith and pursuing the bond of unity in Christ through the character of Christ.

Learn more about humble orthodoxy here.


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