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Bachelor of Divinity

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Credit Hours:

For those seeking seminary towards a bachelor's degree, Emmaus offers a Bachelor of Divinity (120 Hours). This degree program includes the same core classes of the MDiv (but on an undergraduate level), plus additional practicums, electives, and research seminars. BDiv students may also qualify towards advanced standing in Emmaus’ ThM program.

Program Requirements:

Biblical Theology:

—Old Testament I (OT 501)

—Old Testament II (OT 502)

—New Testament I (NT 501)

—New Testament II (NT 502)

—Hermeneutics (BT 501)

—Biblical Theology (BT 502)

Historical Theology:

—The Church to the Reformation (CH 501)

—The Church from the Reformation (CH 502)

—Historic Profiles of Ecclesial Theologians (CH 503)

Systematic Theology:

—Theology I (TH 501)

—Theology II (TH 502)

Practical Theology:

—Christian Ethics (ET 501)

—Christian Missions (MS 501)

—Biblical Spirituality (PT 501)

—Intro to Biblical Counseling (BC 501)

—Exposition and Rhetoric (PT 502)

—Ministry Leadership (PT 503)

Biblical Languages:

—Greek I (GL 501)

—Greek II (GL 502)

—Hebrew I (OL 501)

—Hebrew II (OL 502)

—Greek/Hebrew Exegesis (GL/OL 503)

Ecclesial Theology:

—Ecclesial Theology (TH 503)

—Liturgy, Word, and Sacrament (TH 504)

—Virtue and Ecclesial Formation (ET 503)

—The Church Across Cultures (MS 502)

—Religious Landscapes (MS 503)

Ecclesial Theology Research Seminars:

—Biblical Theology for the Church (BT 601)

—Historical Theology for the Church (CH 601)

—Dogmatic Theology for the Church (TH 601)

—Practical Theology for the Church (PT 601)


—General Electives (21 Credit Hours)

Ministry Practicums:

—Ecclesial Tradition Field Study

—Ecclesial Mentorship Field Study

—Practicum Electives (4 Credit Hours)

Academic Level:

120 Credit Hours


Program Tuition and Fees:


$200/Credit Hour


$24,000/Full Program


$100/Semester Enrollment Fee*


 *Covers all Communio Intensive meals, costs, and digital library access

Available Tuition Discounts & Scholarships

25–100% Tuition Discounts for all Partner Church-Endorsed Students.


Partial and Full Scholarships available based on need and social-location. 

Not sure what degree is right for you?

Email us to find a time to talk one-on-one with a faculty member to work through your options and find the best program for you and your calling. 

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